What are some tips for long-distance relationships?

Many people attribute the reason of long-distance love breakup to distance, because the distance is too long to always appear in each other’s life. After a long time, the feeling is weak, and then they break up.

But is long-distance love really because of distance?

Some psychologists in the United States and Canada have done a statistics, they found that long-distance lovers have more communication than long-term cohabitation couples, and their desire for each other is often greater than that of cohabiting couples.

To some extent, long-distance love can also make the couple more clear that their ultimate goal is to get married. If they don’t, who is willing to talk about a long-distance relationship? This is the “Romeo and Juliet” law, when your distance becomes a common problem you need to overcome, you will work together to resist this problem, which will make your feelings closer.

So what we need to solve is the need to understand and help each other in long-distance relationships.

1.       Mutual understanding

You are not around each other more time, many people think that long-distance love also needs privacy and space, but you should be clear, you are not around each other, every second is privacy and space, so long-distance love needs to increase the other party’s understanding of your life.

2.       Self exposure

It’s important to make proper self exposure! That is, you should chat more, and tell the details of today’s events in the chat, which is a way for the other party to understand your life nodes. Many couples will do this when they just start long-distance love, and chat every day! But as time goes on, you need to stick to it.

And remember, your self exposure should be reciprocal. If you only express yourself there, and the other party doesn’t express it, it will not follow up the link of mutual understanding between you! This ineffective communication can also damage your feelings.

3.       Online help

You can’t help him in life, but now the network is very developed, as long as you are careful enough to find his needs. A lot of help can be achieved through the network.

For example, call a car, buy some presents, help him prepare some information he needs, help him buy a bus ticket, help him Book meals, etc. Because the couple living together, they will have a lot of things to help each other every day, so you also need to have a place in his life that can help him. But only if you are attentive enough and know him well enough.

4.       Focused help

Although online help can fill some of his needs for help, there are many things that can’t be done online. For example, if the other party wants to change a light bulb, how can you do it online? Or carry a heavy object. What can I do to help them online?

Even if it’s a long-distance relationship, you’ll always meet, right? A week, a month or a quarter, when you meet, you focus on doing these things well. A girl can help a boy pick out a suit of clothes and feel his needs in some aspect. The boy can help the girl change the light

Remember don’t wait for the other party to find other people to help him / her, if he / she finds it, then he / she won’t need you there!!!!

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