What are some unbelievable photos?

1.This is the most legendary scientist Tesla and the “Tesla coil” in his laboratory.

2.This is an over sensitized photograph that makes the dog’s head appear to be suspended.

3.Have you ever seen a train to clear the snow on the track?

4.Two colliding bullets, perhaps such a coincidence, saved two fresh lives?

5.The trees, roads and houses are arranged in order. It’s very comfortable to look at.

6.The picture shows a stork leaving traces in the sky.

7.What do you think it is when you see this picture? A bikini beauty lying on the beach, or a sunny beach trail? In fact, both exist, but they are perfectly combined.

8.The above picture looks like a rhinoceros with two heads growing out of one body, but it is actually a visual staggered effect photo taken by the photographer from a unique angle.

9.Beijing, Tianjin and Langfang from space (China).

10.Lady Sikkim with a British man on her back, West Bengal, India, circa 1900.

11.In the 1970s, the little boy met the giant Andre.

12.Wedding rings for Holocaust victims near the Bush ward camp in 1945.

13.45 years later, the “voice of music” family reunion.

14.Stockholm telephone tower, which connected about 5000 telephone lines from 1897 to 1913.

15.X-ray, 1942

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