What are some unwritten social rules everyone should know?

There should be a way out in life and work and protect yourself. The
thing that handles had better have record, can restore. For example, transfer

In many cases, reliability is more popular than cleverness.

A lot of people work hard to live a “average” life. So, you
have to work hard.

Do one thing at a time and achieve the goal by stages.

Learn to distinguish between sincerity and politeness.

If you’re sure it’s going to crash, jump. Because you have to live your
own life.

Cherish yourself, love yourself and be responsible for your choice.

If a fake can take a lifetime, it’s true.

The world is too big, you are too small. There are many roads and few
choices. And learning is to have more choices.

The best shortcut is not to take shortcuts. After all, there is no free

If you fall into a trap, some people will laugh and fall into the well;
others will take a ladder to rescue you. True friends don’t always show up in
the first place.

When you calculate those opportunity costs, you take emotional and health
costs into account.

Don’t treat everyone equally well.

Irreplaceable or hard to replace is the measure of wage income.

After the fall, some people cry, some people quickly pat the ash to get
up and move forward. Crying people have their own dependence, and those who
continue to walk feel that they can only rely on themselves. There is no right
or wrong in these two ways, and each has its own good.

Whether they are kind or reliable has nothing to do with their
profession. Because all the criteria for good and bad are subjective.

Time is the standard to test everything, just don’t waste it waiting for
the result.

What is not easy to get will make people reluctant to give up.

Be sure to distinguish between facts and ideas in your mind.

You can criticize other people’s lifestyle, attitude and virtue, but
don’t criticize others’ beliefs, idols and dreams.

In the face-to-face conversation in life, most people remember the
feeling of talking with you, not the content.

You can judge a thing at will emotionally, but don’t judge a person
easily. People are complex.

Learn to summarize and reflect regularly. Meditation is a good way to do

In all relationships, never give too much psychological expectation to
others. Unless you’re incredibly strong and last until the end of the

When reading books, reading news and looking at things outside the body,
we should pay attention to: first, we should be alert to questions; second, we
should accept them critically.

If you’re at a loss in the company, it’s always right to practice the
spirit of the contract.

Don’t accept gifts easily. Even if it is not valuable, try not to charge

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