What are the best examples of a really good design?

1. Novel coronavirus pneumonia: public stay at home: boring at home, but saving lives.

2. WWF animal protection public welfare poster: the more endangered animals, the lower the pixel.

3. The anti rape public service advertisement in the magazine: two pages are intentionally stuck together, and you will see the slogan after you tear it: if you use violence, it is rape!

4. Ad for Alzheimer’s disease in magazines: they’re forgetting.

5. No smoking public service ads: play the game of diamonds, one by one to eliminate your lungs.

6. Fully consider the actual needs of the elderly or the drunk to unlock the lock: the key can be inserted into the lock hole if the hand is shaken again.

7. The hanging hook that can be put down according to the actual demand can be taken back when it is not used, which will not waste space.

8. This is the landscape glass beside the historical relics: tourists can find the restored relics from an appropriate angle, so that tourists can experience the fun in the interaction.

9. Benches in the library

10.  It’s a coin, and it’s also a jigsaw puzzle: a set of Mexican coins, stacked together, can make an Aztec calendar and experience the mystery of ancient civilization.

11.  Eraser’s careful thinking: let Fuji mountain be revealed in the passage of time.

12.  Intuitive and accurate design of measuring cup, so that cooking will not be “by feeling” and the taste of the mess

13.  Mercedes Benz’s Christmas Ad: the best gift.

14.  In the advertisement commemorating the 9 / 11 piano concert, black and white colors express solemn emotions. The black key, which symbolizes the twin towers destroyed in the 9 / 11 terrorist attack, is also the expression of the number 11.

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