What are the best sex hacks?

A few days ago, some fans asked me on the
dating software I often played that my boyfriend didn’t seem to be interested
in her recently. He didn’t chat much, and even the frequency of having sex
dropped. She felt that her body was not attractive and envied those attractive
girls with good figure. She didn’t know how to make the other party inseparable
from her.


I don’t know the specific situation of this
girl, but I think that attractive girls are not because of their good figure,
but because they are interesting.

One of my friends is that, although she
looks average, she is very attractive.

She always has a lot of little tricks in
her sex life, which surprise her. Because of the other side’s approval, she is
more and more confident.

This kind of sentiment and self-confidence
is maintained in the intimate relationship, she will also give each other a
little surprise in life.

If the other party is indifferent to her,
she will not feel that she has any problems, but will focus more on herself and
find a more suitable partner next time.

Charm, do not need to be a good figure,
need is a taste, a confidence.

How to become interesting, how to gain this

I think there are many ways.


First of all, you must focus on yourself,
improve yourself, gain self-confidence in other fields, or simply play more
tricks in your sex life, such as role-playing, such as trying to bundle and
light tune.

But in fact, we all know it, but it is very
difficult to do it. We will have more executive motivation for the rewards we
can see, and it’s hard to take that step in our sex life. We always don’t
believe we can do it.

So I have a simpler, easier way: try sexy

Most of the time, we always think that only
when we are psychologically prepared can we begin to change. But instead, we
can start by trying on a sexy underwear.


Write at the end: don’t change yourself to
please others. I hope my advice will help this lady. In addition, if you have
other problems to solve, you can also find me on the dating software (I will
put the software link in the comments).

Thank you again for your love.

The following are the solutions of other authors who are good at emotional guidance. Here I also share them with you. I hope you can get help.

Kristy Lee: Men don’t like women who are too suspicious and not confident. Yes, men do like attractive women with good figure, but they also like challenges. The more proud and unmanageable women are, the more likely men are to be attracted to them. So, women, stay proud and mysterious. Let men come to you.

Nora Garcia:Discuss a mutually acceptable way to chat, and the wife can guide her husband to express himself.

Jane Smith: if you want to hold a man’s heart, you should first grasp his stomach.
A long time ago, there was a crazy saying between men and women: “if you want to hold a man’s heart, you should first grasp his stomach.” 
Now everyone is paying attention to the equality between men and women. It seems that fewer and fewer women can go to the kitchen. 
However, it is precisely because the number of women entering the kitchen is less and less, and the women who are good at cooking are more able to firmly grasp the heart of men.

Vanessa Simon Faint perfume. 
Men love the subtle perfume of women. Women should spray some perfume on their bodies. It doesn’t have to be too strong. If you want to tie a man’s heart, the smell on you will play a very good role. Note: perfume can arouse men’s interest.

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