What are the best ways to lose weight?

What are the good ways to lose weight?
I believe that many people are the same as I used to, in order to lose weight dieting or running, the ultimate effect is very little, adhere to less than a week and then go to nothing, this is into a vicious circle, constantly set their own goals, and always give up halfway.

It is not advisable to lose fat blindly by dieting. It is not only harmful to health, but also leads to subsequent overeating and body weight will rebound. If you think about it, a healthy person can maintain a normal body fat rate even if you don’t go on a diet. This shows that we can keep a reasonable weight as long as we keep a scientific living condition.

1.       Reduce carbohydrate intake
According to the recommended dietary intake (RDA) formulated by the US Food and nutrition Commission, the average adult should eat at least 130 g of digestible carbohydrates a day to ensure that glucose is the main energy source for brain cells and central nervous cells.
Too much carbohydrate will be stored in the body and eventually converted into fat. Generally speaking, our daily three meals a day through the staple food intake of carbon water is enough, and a large number of excess carbon water intake outside the three meals is the root cause of our obesity. For example, a large amount of white granulated sugar is added to drinks and snacks, which will unconsciously lead to excessive intake.
Under the same calorie, the food with high protein content will give people a continuous sense of satiety, and will also reduce the amount of food to alleviate hunger.

2.       Change the order of meals
When we eat carbohydrates, blood sugar will rise immediately, but if we eat some protein or vegetables before eating carbohydrates, it will slow down the rate of blood sugar rising.
Secondly, drink soup first and then eat. Drinking soup can bring us a sense of fullness, which can reduce the amount of food intake. If we drink soup after we are full, we will feel very full and eat more slowly.

3.       The more you choose, the more you eat
Scientists have done such an experiment, prepare two candy for the examinee, one is bright color, the other is monochrome candy. Under the same taste, after one day’s experiment, it is found that the multicolored candy has been consumed, while the monochromatic candy is still half. Through this experiment, the scientists found that the more choices, the brain will be excited, and it will send out more eating letters number.

4.       Change the cutlery down
If you eat a bowl of rice, you will eat less in a smaller bowl. This is a psychological effect. Psychologists have found that if you change the plate from 12 inches to 10 inches, you can reduce your food intake by 22%.
When you finish a plate, subconsciously you will feel that you have eaten a plate and don’t want to continue to eat. When the tableware you use is too large, you will also want to eat a clean plate, which will lead to excessive intake of many calories.

5.       Make sure you have breakfast
Have you ever had such an experience: when you get up in the morning and you don’t have a meal, you are already hungry at noon. If you order takeout, you will choose foods with high calories, such as fried chicken and hamburger. This is because when people are hungry, the brain can’t help but desire high calorie food intake.
Don’t think that if you don’t eat breakfast, you’ll lose one calorie intake, which will lead to retaliatory eating at noon. If you eat breakfast every morning, it will not only help you keep healthy, but also make you feel full, so that you can eat less in the next two meals.

6.       Don’t underestimate the power of sports
When we do exercise, our body will consume carbohydrates in our body, and only when we have consumed the existing carbohydrates will we consume our fat. Some people have a misunderstanding: in the first 40 minutes of exercise, because only carbohydrates are consumed, we should exercise for more than 40 minutes to reduce fat.

The BBC reported in the “truth of weight loss” that when we exercise, we consume a lot of carbohydrates, and the body needs 22 hours to supplement. That is to say, the body will continue to consume fat in the day after exercise. Exercise has very practical value for reducing fat.

7.       Bring exercise into everyday life
If you can increase your daily activities during the day, such as standing on the subway, using stairs instead of elevators, reducing sedentary time, getting up and walking, doing laundry, cooking, doing some housework Scientists have shown that just doing more activities in daily life will greatly change the amount of calories consumed. This is because your basal metabolic rate is relatively low when you are sedentary. Some daily small activities may seem insignificant, but they can make the heat metabolism to a higher level.

8.       Write it at the end
Weight loss is a process that needs to be adhered to and continued for half a year. Don’t diet for the sake of weight loss, and don’t believe in weight loss products. You just need to form a reasonable and healthy living habit. In addition to three meals a day, don’t eat other foods, especially snacks and drinks with high oil and sugar. When eating, make sure that you have high protein, low fat and low carbon water, and eat seven points full After half an hour’s meal, continue to exercise for an hour and avoid sedentary life.

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