What are the books that everybody should read atleast once in life?

1.       1984 is the representative work of George Orwell.
It depicts the living state of human beings in totalitarian society. It is like
a warning label that will never fade away to warn the world that the expected
darkness will come true. After several decades, its vitality has become more
and more powerful, and it is known as one of the most influential literary
classics in the 20th century.

2.       A brief history of time is a masterpiece by Stephen
Hawking. A popular book exploring the nature of time and the most cutting-edge
of the universe is the most important classic work on the contemporary
scientific thinking of the universe. It has changed the human concept of the

3.       Beloved is the work of Toni
, a
contemporary American woman writer, which can be regarded as a monument to the
history of African Americans. This book fully demonstrates the author’s superb
narrative skills, and has great artistic shock, which once caused a sensation
in the United States.

4.       Charlie and the Chocolate Factory little Charlie’s town has the
largest chocolate factory in the world, owned by the great chocolate inventor
Willie Wonka. The factory is so mysterious that no one has ever been seen to
pass through the gate. One day Willy Wonka announced that five lucky children
would be given the privilege of visiting a chocolate factory and a lifetime of

5.       Slaughterhouse Five is a unique anti war novel. In
the novel, the author portrays a schizophrenic hero, billey, who is harmless to
the enemy and useless to his friends. Through the unique feeling of this silly
hero, on the one hand, he denounces the brutality of German fascist, on the
other hand, he criticizes the barbarism of bombing Dresden by the allies, and
ridicules how stupid human beings are to wage war.

6.       Pursuing the meaning of life is a book which is used to save
one’s inner world when facing great sufferings. It is also a reflection on the
value of everyone’s existence and the responsibilities of a society in which
the able can work more and work harder.

7.       Out of Africa is an autobiographical novel
written by the author of “out of Africa”. It narrates the life of
managing coffee farm in Africa in beautiful words. It is full of affectionate
memories of the natural scenery, animals and people in Africa. It also writes
about the familiarity and attachment to African Customs and customs, which is
full of the connotation of prose beauty.

8.       The
author of “I grew up in Iran” was born in a powerful family. Taking
the “Islamic Revolution” in Iran as the background, the author
narrated the events such as the overthrow of the king and the Iran Iraq war
from an objective perspective. Iran’s politics, history, and culture also
follow the girl’s growing experience and the black-and-white, simple and
powerful prints with a sense of print, come close to the readers and shake
people’s hearts.

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