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Sexual life of the age group is gradually to the younger age development. Early childbirth means prematurely having sex, but is it really healthy for teenagers? Then the question comes. In some countries, the legal age for marriage is reached at the age of 16. What is the age of prematurely having sex?
Judging whether sexual life is possible depends mainly on whether the sexual organs are mature or not.
Many people think that the development of secondary sexual characteristics (female menstruation, male ejaculation), which represents the possibility of sexual life, this is a wrong idea, because it will take some time from the development of secondary sexual characteristics to maturity. Female genitalia includes internal genitalia and external genitalia. Internal genitalia includes ovary, fallopian tube, uterus and vagina. External genitalia includes clitoris, labia, hymen and vestibular gland.
As far as female ovaries are concerned, the ovaries before 8 years old are very small, and they begin to develop rapidly from 8 to 10 years old. When menstruation begins, the weight of ovaries is 30% of that of mature ovaries, and they reach maturity at about 17 years old.

In medicine, all sexual organs mature after the age of 18, so the best age for sexual behavior is after 18 years old. However, in some countries, the age of first sexual life is earlier, because under the influence of climate, region, culture and other factors, there are also differences in the maturity time of male and female sexual organs in different regions.

So is premature sex harmful? 
Before the sexual organs are mature, the vulva and vagina are very delicate, the vagina is short, the surface tissue is weak, and the immune defense function is relatively poor. Early sexual behavior, easy to cause vaginal laceration, produce irregular bleeding. At the same time, some pathogenic microorganisms or dirt will be brought into the vagina to varying degrees. At this stage, women’s own defense function is poor, which is easy to cause infection of urethra, vulva and vagina. If the control is not timely, the infection will spread.
Moreover, premature sexual life, especially the first sexual life less than 16 years old, early childbirth, multiple sexual partners are the important inducements of cervical cancer. If you are pregnant too early and can’t give birth to a child, you may choose to terminate pregnancy, which may lead to infertility, menstrual disorders, inflammation, psychological disorders and other problems.
Since premature sex can lead to so much harm, what can be done to solve it? Relevant research shows that early sex education can effectively avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexual abuse after marriage.
In the Netherlands, children begin to receive sex education in primary school. Children’s knowledge of sexual organs is as common as that of their arms and hands, and there is no sense of mystery. The sex crime rate is far below the European average. The unmarried pregnancy rate of teenage girls in Holland is the lowest in Europe.
Therefore, it is necessary for schools, families and society to carry out appropriate sex education. Sexual life is also best after 18 years old psychological and physical maturity on the basis of again, and do a good job in protective measures. Whether adults or minors, must first establish appropriate sex education, and then appropriate sexual behavior.

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