What are the psychological facts about girls?

1. Most of the girls are jealous, especially when they are in contact with her. Don’t have contact with her girl, even chat too often.
2. If she is angry, she must try to make her happy. No matter who is wrong with you, it must be the boy who apologizes, because girls are born to spoil her.
3. Most girls like warm and positive boys, because such boys look more man-made, also very warm, very safe.
4. Girls like sudden surprise, such as when she is off work, you go to pick her up, when she is sick, you take care of her the first time.
5. When you eat with your brother, you should always take care of her. You can’t ignore her. You should take the initiative to take her favorite dishes.

6. If you go out with her for the first time, the girl will be a little shy, but you should remember to hold her hand and the boy should be brave. Maybe she wants to be close to you

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