What are the really small things that tell a lot about a person’s psychology and personality?

In fact, everyone has a side in life that others don’t know, so when we get along with people, we often can’t quickly understand what kind of person he is. However, many details in life can reveal a person’s real personality and psychological characteristics.
1.          It’s very loud.
No matter what kind of speaking occasions or people they treat, their voice is very loud. Such people are lack of tutoring. A loud speaker. They want to attract other people’s attention through such a form, usually with a more open personality.
2.          Blinking is particularly frequent.
Some people, when they are talking to others or thinking about themselves, always like to blink frequently, which shows that they are not confident. In the process of communicating with others, you can always blink to relieve your inner tension to a certain extent, or cover up some unknown secrets. This can be done by blinking frequently, and it is also a point of showing a person’s character.
3.          Hands always cross in front of the chest.
Some people like to put their hands in front of their chest when they stand, which is disrespectful to people. It shows that they have a sense of superiority and always feel superior to others.
4.          Some people like to sit with their legs crossed unconsciously.
On some occasions, we can see such a group of people who always raise their legs unconsciously when they are sitting. This is also a sign of great disrespect for others. If regardless of the size of the occasion, always cross legged, that shows that the personality of this person is problematic, and extremely immature.
5.          How to treat service personnel.

If you treat all these people badly, but you treat yourself or people at a higher level much better, it shows that you have low integrity, compassion, and even self-esteem, because people with self-esteem don’t put themselves above others.

6.          The way you shake hands.
A strong handshake indicates that the person is extroverted and emotional, and is less likely to be shy or neurotic.

7.          Do you like to bite your nails.
Studies have shown that people who like to bite their nails are perfectionist and often don’t get enough relaxation.
8.          See if he / she makes eye contact.
The flabby handshake and erratic eye contact “indicate that the person lacks self-control, the motivation needed to move up and the will is weak,” mender said.
9.          The pet of your choice.
Pets can also tell the owner’s character. For example, some researchers believe that people who don’t like cats usually have control problems; women who like big dogs usually don’t like to maintain long-term relationships; people who like dogs are more energetic and outgoing; people who like cats are more sensitive and have higher IQ.
10.          Where do you look for coffee?
Some studies have shown that people who look into the cup when drinking coffee are more introspective, idealistic and focused; those who drink coffee and look at the rim of the cup are more likely to be influenced by others, pay more attention to the external environment, are carefree and trustworthy; those who drink coffee and close their eyes indicate that they are unhappy and want to pursue happiness and liberation.

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