What are the reasons why couples break up after a long relationship?

◇When the other party is unhappy, we choose to turn a blind eye rather than accompany him or her
◇There are jealousy and anger between husband and wife, and their status is unequal.
◇There are no clear boundaries and respect for each other’s boundaries.
◇They didn’t tell each other what they wanted except anger and complaint.
◇Unwilling to open up to things that hurt us, the root cause of every quarrel has not been solved.
◇Can’t accept the discomfort of yourself and the other person.
◇Neither spouse has time to think alone.
◇There is always one person who is eager to control and dominate another in a couple relationship.
◇To some extent, some people don’t want the other party to live better and make greater progress.
◇Life is becoming more and more insipid, and both sides have no passion for each other.
◇One of the two began to grow intolerant of the other’s shortcomings.
◇Status is not equal, both sides have nothing in common to talk about.
◇One of them could not resist the temptation and chose to betray the other.

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