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Nanjing Massacre refers to the organized, planned and premeditated massacre, rape, arson, robbery and other bloody atrocities committed by Japanese invaders in Nanjing and its surrounding areas for six weeks after the fall of Nanjing, the capital of the Republic of China, on December 13, 1937, under the command of Matsui shigen, commander of the 6th Division, and Gu Shoufu, head of the 6th Division.

After World War II, according to the investigation and judgment of the Far East International Military Court, 300000 Chinese civilians and prisoners of war were killed by the Japanese army in this massacre!

First of all, the Japanese army slaughtered the Chinese people and army. It is not only the prisoners of the Chinese army, but also the unarmed Chinese civilians who have been slaughtered crazily.

However, for the Japanese army, this method of killing one person with one knife is only a “prelude”. After all, it is too slow.
They need a more efficient and intensive way of killing to give the Chinese a spiritual shock. So they did an experiment: they slaughtered 8000 prisoners at one time at a military base of the Chinese navy on the Yangtze River, and burned them on the spot.

The Japanese Army leaders were quite satisfied with the first massacre. So there was the second massacre on December 17, with a target of more than 10000 people.
The specific method of execution is: use heavy machine guns to fire the Chinese people in line again and again, and then pour gasoline on them and burn them collectively.
Compared with the Japanese army’s crazy massacre of Chinese soldiers and civilians, what shocked the world was the Japanese army’s evil act of raping Chinese women. 

the “Nanjing atrocities”, 300000 Chinese soldiers and civilians were
slaughtered. It was during this period that about 80000 Chinese women were
raped by the Japanese army.

The way to treat women determines the level of civilization of a society or group. The Japanese army’s attitude and behavior of raping women as entertainment is even more inhumane.
Why can anyone be so cruel? Born in an age of peace, it is impossible to imagine how much destruction war can bring.

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