What are the signs when your boyfriend is not interested in you anymore.?

 ♥ The frequency of his contact with you is gradually decreasing.

    Less or no contact with you is the most obvious feature of men’s loss of so-called interest in you. No matter whether he and you are lovers or ambiguous objects, if he from the beginning of a hot chat into less or no chat, it shows that his                interest in you is reduced.

♥ He doesn’t pay
attention to your social circle.

   When a man is chasing a woman, he pays close
attention to her social circle. If he suddenly loses interest in your social
circle, he is not interested in you.

♥ A lot of things, he no longer wants to share with you.
   A person who really likes you will naturally share his happiness, sadness and even any small matter in his life with you at the first time.

♥  He no longer taboo what, in front of you and other opposite sex all kinds of flirting.
   When he likes you, he will try his best to show his best self, but when he loses interest in you, he will no longer taboo anything and will no longer be afraid that other opposite sex will make you unhappy.

 All kinds of excuses to meet him.

        A person who has lost interest in you can find various reasons for not
meeting you.

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