What are the simplest things one can do to make oneself happier?

clean up the room

Carter has a paper, the principle is not mentioned, said the conclusion: messy
rooms can make people indulge in depression, and continue to be nervous. Clean
up a bright, well lit room to make people happy.

Drink water or eat desserts

Many times
tired and depressed, is to take off water without knowing. Take a little sugar,
or chocolate. Don’t use too much, use it with caution (sugar can be addictive),
but sugar makes people feel relaxed.

Do what you are used to

For example,
listen to the music of habit, read the book of habit, do the work of habit.
Play with pets. If you work, start with the part you are most familiar with and
fluent with. In order to make themselves in a comfortable area, but also
harvest self-confidence, reduce the sense of crisis.

Night running

The night
and day of the city are totally different!! Many stores with style may only
open after five or six o’clock. There are many small outdoor performances,
different night scenes, and all kinds of sports cars… How interesting it is
to see the city in the early morning, quiet or noisy! But pay attention to


There is an
oven to bake, no oven to study recipes, the kitchen has always been a person’s
world! How wonderful it is to play music and eat raw materials while making
dishes!! If there are too many dishes, you can also knock on the door of your
neighbor’s house and invite them to eat with you. Maybe he / she can talk with
you very well, and you won’t have to be alone in the futur

Sit by the window and watch the

It’s my
favorite thing to do when it’s hot, and I’ll say… Any fast food restaurant or
coffee shop will do. You can sit by the window and observe the boys waiting
outside, the white-collar workers in a hurry, the children with schoolbags on
their backs, and imagine their career, life, fortune, future, why they appear
here, whether they will have the opportunity to meet again, etc., and so on.
One afternoon is a novella.

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