What are the top five best lessons you’ve learned from marriage?

1. Housework is not a woman’s responsibility alone

Home is the home of two people,
and housework should be shared by two people. It’s not a woman’s responsibility
to do housework alone. Men also have a share.

If a man can’t give his wife a lot
of money to be a pleasant housewife, then don’t throw all the housework to the
woman. Both of them are making money. Why should women do housework alone?

2. Don’t
quarrel in front of the children

When many families quarrel, they often
forget that they are not only husband and wife, but also parents. If a child
lives in a noisy family all day, it is doomed to be bad for his later growth.

It’s normal for couples to quarrel, but
smart couples will know not to quarrel in front of their children, and will not
speak ill of their partner in front of their children.

3. People
who love to compare with others are not easy to be happy

A lot of people’s pain comes from
the comparison of love. Everyone’s life is different. You can only see other
people’s faces full of smiles, but you don’t know that they often wipe tears at
night. To live a good life, not to compare, not to envy, this is


4. Please
spend your time with your lover

Before marriage, two people have
to say endless words, stick together all day, still feel that time is not
enough. After marriage, they don’t even want to see each other’s face. In
marriage, the biggest threat is not quarrel, but silence.

5. Even
if you get married, don’t give up self-development

Many women will pursue progress
before marriage, so that their appearance becomes more beautiful, body becomes
more beautiful, ability becomes stronger. But after marriage, they forget to
make themselves better.

People at any stage do not give up
the pursuit of self, always make themselves a better person.

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