What are unspoken boundaries in a relationship?

Love in this world is always bumpy and full
of twists and turns. In the process of love, there are always a few moments
that can poke you and make you collapse.

Today, we talk about the unspeakable
barriers in a relationship from a boy’s point of view.

don’t care about their girlfriends at all.

Monthly menstruation is a nightmare for
girls. When menstruation
comes, almost every nerve will be pulled. There is medical evidence
that menstruation is as painful as going through a heart attack.

But when you are so painful that you curl
up in bed, sweating, as a boyfriend, he is playing games and saying nothing
about himself? Does it hurt that much?

Boys, please remember that menstruation
didn’t break them down, but your words have already made your girlfriend very

you’re with your girlfriend, you play with your cell phone all the time.

I don’t know when, you stay in her eyes
less and less, attention is also less and less. Even when you’re dating, you
don’t leave your cell phone, you don’t care about your girlfriend’s feelings.

She said a lot of sweet words, but you
stare at the mobile phone and don’t even lift your head. When you brush your
Facebook with interest, quora, when you see that she is not happy, you will
reply perfunctorily, “um,” “yes,” “I know.”. When
you see her lost expression, you should realize that her disappointment with
you is accumulating. You will no longer communicate with each other, and the barriers
in love are gradually increasing.

you still in touch with your previous girlfriend

For every girl, the most important thing is
to find that he is still in love with his ex girlfriend. Look, if you’re doing
this right now, if you don’t want to hurt your girlfriend and end your relationship,
stop it now.

After all, the basic premise of love is to
take into account the feelings of each other.

you always like to reason with your girlfriend

Behind every girl who likes to be
unreasonable, there is a reasonable boyfriend. When you have an argument, you
never give in, but you want to persuade her with reason and tell you that you
are wrong. But such a boy, never know, the girl care, is not right or wrong,
she just hope you can coax her, more pet her just.

So, for a girl, there is really no need to
talk about big reason. When she is angry, she goes to hold her, kisses her, and
coaxes her. It is more effective than any kind of principle.

A lot of things in love can be solved by
communication, but there are also many behaviors that are unspeakable barriers
to love. Maybe some of your careless behaviors are slowly destroying your love.

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