What are useful social skills that can be picked up quickly?

If you want to communicate with others in a very short period of time, gain trust, and let them open their hearts to the greatest extent, it is relatively difficult to have a deep spiritual collision. However, because of my work, I occasionally need to do some interviews, so over the years, I have accumulated some communication skills.

1.  Be frank about how you like and appreciate each other.

People are very sensitive, whether the other side likes themselves or not is clear at a glance. Frank up to express their good feelings and appreciation, simple praise and praise, will let the other party relax.

2.  Small gifts work well

Not necessarily very valuable things, as small as a book, a card, a small disc, carefully prepared candy, can let the other party relax, have a sense of being valued.

3.  Smile and nod

In the process of communicating with the other party, sincerely looking into the other party’s eyes, smiling and nodding can make the other party feel that you are listening to the other party’s speech seriously.

4.  Focus on the other person’s social network.

When communicating on the Internet, say “ah, I see your dog” or “is your mother getting better recently?” “The movie you recommend is very good”, which can quickly shorten your distance and reduce the communication cost in reality.

5.  When communication is difficult, learn to pause in time.

If the conversation gets to a point where it’s hard to continue, you can relax with tea and dessert.

6.  Put your smartphone in your pocket or bag after it is muted or vibrated.

Put your mobile phone in an invisible place to show the other party that you attach importance to this conversation. If your mobile phone suddenly comes and a phone rings or vibrates during the contract negotiation, what an embarrassing thing it is.

7.  Take the initiative to shake hands with each other.

When you reach out, the other party will probably accept your invitation to shake hands with you, so that you can exchange a few words and continue to communicate.

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