What are your favorite Chinese dishes?

There was
a period of time to travel to China, I was deeply in love with Chinese food,
especially hot pot!! Hot Pot!!! Hot Pot!!!!

When the
day’s work is over

The full
course was finally finished

That is:

What do
you have for dinner?

The best
suggestion is to eat hot pot

Why do I
like hot pot best?

pot is tolerant enough both satisfy the individual, It’s also empathy

In terms of life, most
people, a person is rarely to eat hot pot. Dating is a good choice. Hot pot is
undoubtedly the best choice for old friends or new friends who don’t know each
other’s temperament.

It’s really lively for a
group of friends to eat hot pot. If you are not good at social intercourse and
friends, you must eat hot pot for the first meal.

pot has many tastes, no matter what you want to eat, you can satisfy it

    Everyone doesn’t have to give in to anyone.
If both people like spicy food, they can order red spicy soup. Some people do
not like spicy food, or can not eat spicy, you can choose Yuanyang soup.

hot pot can really promote feelings

In China, people of all
ages like to eat hot pot with good friends, Hotpot is really a lubricant for
interpersonal communication. If you are not familiar with it, don’t be afraid.
Once the hot pot is opened, make sure that the conversation box is fully
opened. Be polite before eating the hot pot, and call each other brother after
eating the hot pot.

Hotpot is really worth
trying, so is anyone going to have a hot pot with me.

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