What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?

As an author who can write articles on
emotion, I would like to share with you the questions asked by my fans in the
past two days. I’m here to give a unified answer. This can not only help the
friends who ask me questions, but also answer the fans who have the same
confusion but are embarrassed to ask.

Hello, Miss J. glad to receive your
contribution. I know about you. I guess this relationship must have made you
suffer. On the one hand, it is a young and handsome boy who makes you love, and
on the other is a husband who has lived with you like a relative for many
years. You don’t know how to choose, but I’m sure this relationship is very


Why did you fall in love with this young
boy? First of all, let’s talk about attraction. Attraction between people is
essentially a reward. If a person makes us happy, we are willing to be with
him, even if he provides us with material things. Now the epidemic situation is
very serious everywhere, everyone is facing psychological and physical
pressure. At this time, the boy’s company provides you with a space to put down
the pressure. In this space, you don’t talk about your bad life, your parents,
your children and your unsatisfied work. It’s normal for you to be attracted to
this stress-free comfort.


It is normal for people to attract each
other, but after the relationship is established, we will certainly enter the
stage of getting along and running in. Romantic and passionate love is the
reason why many people choose to marry, but over time, it will decrease. In the
initial stage of attraction establishment, we will have all kinds of beautiful
fantasies about each other, but in the long-term relationship, the other party
will gradually expose our dissatisfaction. This is the
“disillusionment” stage that all long-term intimate relationships
must go through. Only after the disillusionment can we see the real person.


In a long and intimate relationship, there
will be various problems. The problem itself is not important, but how we solve
it. You can try this: if the reason why you and your husband are less intimate
is that he is too busy and has no time, you can try to make an appointment with
your husband to share what happened today at a fixed time every day.

What funny things happened to him today?

What thoughts do you have in mind today?

At the same time, you and your husband can
also express their appreciation for each other. When we express our
appreciation, he will feel that he is seen and recognized. When he feels good,
he will be more willing to work for your relationship.


All relationships, with the passage of
time, are bound to move from passion to peace and warmth. If you give up your
husband now, you do get passion, but it’s short-lived. After all, when you
first met your husband, you were as eager for this young boy.

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