What artwork made you speechless?

This is a traditional Chinese art, originated from the palace craft in the spring and Autumn period. Its name is filigree inlay.
It is said that this kind of craft is used to set off the noble temperament of the wives of ancient Chinese emperors. Their gorgeous clothes and exquisite accessories are admirable.

In China thousands of years later, only Beijing and Chengdu still have this technology. And because of the complexity of the process, the production is very difficult, this kind of intangible cultural heritage is almost lost.

Filigree inlay, also known as the fine gold process, is very difficult to make and needs to be very careful. Pinching, filling, welding and weaving are indispensable. This is just a basic introduction.

Therefore, the value of each work is incalculable.

Only one wire drawing, you need to stretch several centimeter thick gold and silver materials to 0.07mm again and again, which is about the thickness of a hair silk. What kind of effort and patience it takes.
When welding, if there is no accurate grasp of the temperature, a little carelessness will fail, and can only start from scratch.

These luxury goods are the best in the world. They are so chic and unique in shape.

It’s hard to imagine that the surface of this kettle is made of thin wire like hair. I’m so shocked that I can’t speak.

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