What common mistakes do people make when choosing a life partner?

Eager to please. It’s a big mistake to indulge
in each other and give up their ideas, work and even life easily. Dr. Susan
Heitler, a clinical psychologist in Denver, USA, said: “I have met many
girls in marriage counseling. They are worried that insisting on their opinions
will lead to quarrels or unhappiness. In order to maintain their marriage, they
keep their ideas and pursuit to the minimum. In such a marriage, the
relationship between the two parties is not equal, and problems may arise in
the long run. ”

Expectations of marriage are
. Dr. Eli
Kalam, a marriage and family therapist, said that couples who cooperate well
usually have clear expectations of marriage life at the beginning of their
marriage, such as how to divide the housework, have children and how to manage
money. However, many couples have never had such communication before marriage.
If they have different expectations, it is easy to have hatred.

Put sex very low. Sexual love is the
“glue” to shorten the relationship between husband and wife and
enhance their feelings. As a result of exhaustion or other reasons, many
couples gradually rank sex very low, Heitler and Kalam believe that this is a
serious mistake. Sex is paramount in marriage. They need a separate intimate
time every week and are full of expectations for sex.

Depression affects each other. “When I come home from
work, I feel happy, but my wife is tired and under pressure from work,”
said one husband. It also ruined my good mood. I think it’s much easier to make
people feel worse than to make them feel better. ”

Extroversion and introversion are
difficult to coexist.
Some couples like to socialize and the other to stay at home.
This can sometimes lead to inconsistent pace.

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