What countries have the coolest burial traditions?

China’s Tibet has the custom of burying
corpses on cliffs.


After the death of a man, people asked
eminent monks to make divination to decide the burial style. If it is suitable
for cliff burial, the corpse will be smeared with butter or milk, and then
embalmed in a small square wooden box with salt and spices. Some do not need
burial utensils, but bind the dressed corpses into a mass with ropes.


The burial sites are generally located on
the cliff away from human and animal activities and facing the torrent. Natural
rock eaves and cliff caves are used as burial caves. These caves are generally
50 to 200 meters higher than the ground nearby and 300 to 500 meters higher
than the river level.


There are also people who dig tomb holes on
the cliff. The higher the tomb cave is from the ground, the more expensive the
owner of the tomb is. The ritual activities accompanying the cliff burial are
very grand.


When we face these complicated burial
methods, what we see is not only the mourning for the dead, but also their
attitude towards life and death and religion. This is the core of burial custom
and also something worthy of our attention

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