What did you learn from previous relationships?

Maybe some people in life come to teach you an important lesson.
During my college years, I had a feeling of shame and sadness. Before I knew him, I was a very confident person in my feelings. This kind of self-confidence even made me hurt others again and again. Later, I was separated. In order to get rid of the pain, I was with another boy who was in the same situation as myself, but I fell into a new bad situation, that is, having sex without love.
My state of mind is more broken, I long for love, but always can not get love, can not get the kind of care they want, love all the time. In such a state, I struggled for a long time. I did not dare to have a boyfriend again. I just focused on myself. I studied hard and worked hard. I left the rest of my time to my family and friends.
Later I found that I was getting better and better. I realized that the love I had been longing for came not from others, but from myself. Once upon a time, if I could love myself a little more, I would not have experienced those desperation.
I have also heard many friends around me talking about their feelings, and found that when talking about the last relationship, they still have obvious emotional ups and downs. Because there are a lot of profound truths that we learned from the last relationship. Now I’d like to share a real experience of a fan who recently contributed to me. For convenience, I’ll use the first person.
I used to be, and I am, an unmarried man. I once wavered during this period. That was when I was with Mr. Li. He likes to keep fit. He has a good body management. As a designer, he has a good taste of dressing. More importantly, he is humorous. 

San Francisco is a romantic city. We used to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, walk on the beach in the sunset, and take part in the Gay Pride Day parade together. He also told me frankly that the value of our respective lives should be greater than the value of this relationship. I think we are very similar in many places. I think he is my soul mate.

But in the end, we did separate because of our different life plans. Hard working and self disciplined Mr. Li chose to pursue his dream in Silicon Valley. When he left me, the words he left me were “I hope you can let go of your sorrow and live a happy life. I pray for you every day. Please believe that no matter what happens, there is someone in this world who will always care about you. “
From this fan’s contribution, I think they are in love with each other, but their final life plans are different, which makes me feel very sorry. Later, I continued to learn about this fan’s life. She chose to go back to the UK to continue her studies. She wanted to be a better person. What the previous relationship left us was not only sad, but also positive.
If you’ve learned anything in your last relationship, you’re welcome to contribute to me or leave a message under this article. thank you

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