What disgusting you?

My first boyfriend made me sick.


I fell in love with my first boyfriend when
I was in high school. At that time, I was very infatuated with him, although he
was almost as tall as me. We used to play basketball and watch movies together.
At that time, I loved him very much. No matter what I did, I would always miss
him. Even if I had a holiday, I would sneak out to find him. At that time, I
thought we would get married in the future.


But one day, my good friend told me that
she saw H (for convenience, H) and a strange girl walking together very close. I
was shocked, but I didn’t immediately question him. What if there was any
misunderstanding? Even if he is having an affair with another girl, I have to
find evidence.


It’s coming to the weekend soon. After
school, he told me that he had a friend to ask him to play ball, so he asked me
to go back first. But I didn’t go back. I was waiting in an ice cream shop next
to my study. In less than an hour, I saw him come out with a sexy girl. They
held hands tightly and H gave the girl a kiss on the forehead. I can’t believe
my boyfriend is in love with another girl besides me.


I feel so sad that my sky is falling. I was
very cowardly and didn’t question him. Later, I asked him to break up. What’s
funny is that this man still wants to cheat me that it’s his cousin!!! My
friend told me that in addition to me, this scum was having an affair with two
girls at the same time. I was sad and disgusted.



After I broke up, I lost sleep every day,
and I had no appetite to eat. I lost my weight until I went to college and met
new friends.


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