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What should children’s toys look like?

For many children, the appearance design should be safe and safe. But a mother who bought trolls toys for her daughter discovered that the new toy had a shocking design.

In a twitter video posted by the mother, the cute looking elf skirt has a button to press between her legs. As long as you press this button, the genie will make a sound similar to a female groan.

Such a button position with such sound and video has caused many netizens to discuss after the release, “excuse me, the company that made this toy, ripening and rationalizing children is child abuse?”.
Another outrageous thing about the poor design is that this doll package for four years old and older doesn’t mention the buttons and sound devices between the legs of the doll at all, but says “giggle and sing.”.

The arrow on the wrapping book points to the doll’s belly, so when parents buy it, it’s natural that a button will be on the belly. Who would have thought there was a hidden button between the legs?

After reading this report, I was shocked. The children are very innocent and very vulnerable. Is it fun for people to touch your private parts? Is paedophilia and child molestation right? Although the spokesman of the company admitted the mistake and said that it would be corrected in an interview with the company, we have to wonder why the toy was designed from the beginning for the physical and mental development of children?

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