What do people think about long-distance relationships?

Long distance relationships, it’s hard.
It’s so hard that I don’t want to have another long-distance relationship in my life.
984 days, has broken up, there is no reason to break up, I think probably both sides are lack of each other’s company.
Because of the distance, the relationship between each other becomes fragile and sensitive.
A quarrel can make you say “break up”;
A message that has not been returned for several hours at a time can make you feel that the other party doesn’t love you;
If the tone of a phone call is not correct, you can associate it with someone else;
One careless Valentine’s day can make you deny all the good past.

Finally separated, others asked you the reason for breaking up, you said because of the different places.

This love has brought me too much happiness, as much as pain. I have no way to be sure whether he will really go with me for the rest of my life, but I have made the attitude that I can do whatever he wants or not.
I am willing to give up my job and go to him for him. I am also willing to buy air tickets and fly to meet him when he says he wants me. I am also willing to spend time with him when his work is not satisfactory, and I am willing to believe that he really loves me………
It’s a tormenting relationship. I still want to cry when I hear the familiar songs and I still want to cry when I see the photos.
But I know I won’t cry for a long time. I should have a new life of my own. I can still work as hard as before, but there is no one who can make me desperate.

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