What do you do when you’re bored?

You must have tried to breathe like an
adult in winter

Pour the drink into the bottle cap, and
drink it bit by bit. Um… It’s very ceremonial

Put mom’s hairpin in her mouth… Don’t ask
why I did it. I don’t know

Stick the pen in the rubber one black hole
after another

I know it will break, but I just want to
see how it will break

Try pressing the refill of a colorful
ballpoint pen at the same time

Poke yourself or sneak someone else by
pressing out the lead? …

Put a needle into the skin of your finger

Please raise your hand if you look at the
changing screen saver for more than a minute

Did you slowly turn off the refrigerator to
see why the light went out?

When I was a child, I hate to turn off the
light in the living room. Every time I turn off the light, I rush back to the
room at the speed of 100 meters. Otherwise, I always feel that there will be
ghosts chasing after me

Walking through the walls with cracks, I
can’t help but scratch and walk

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