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“Sometimes she feels like a demon is
lying on her body, and she is oppressed severely.” This is a medical
record written by a Dutch doctor named jabran in 1664. Several of his patients
encountered the same problem: they were awake and conscious, but they could not
move. They could hear a chilling conversation or roar.


Around the world, 40% – 50% of people
experience this nightmare at least once in their lives.


Most of this happens when you are just
falling asleep or about to wake up, which shows that you have already had
consciousness, but your body seems to be trapped in bed. You feel that someone
is pressing on your body and even pinching your neck. You can’t move. You can’t
make a sound when you want to shout. You can see figures or hear voices. This
feeling is to be covered by plastic bags, deep in the dark, want to ask for
help also can’t make a sound.


Fortunately, such nightmares usually don’t
last too long. The fingers, lips or feet of the participants will slowly regain
consciousness, move and finally break free from the darkness. Most people will
feel afraid when they get rid of it and instinctively think that they are
oppressed by “ghosts”.


Sleep paralysis occurs because the person
is half awake, or will soon wake up, the brain wave is already awake, but the
limb muscles still stay in a state of extremely low tension, resulting in the
whole body can not move. The brain is unable to explain this abnormal state at
the moment. In addition, with the influence of fear, the subject is prone to
hallucinations and auditory hallucinations. After waking up completely, they
will also bear great mental pressure for a period of time, and some will even
have fear of sleeping.


What reason can cause sleep paralysis?

1. Life pressure, irregular work and rest,
easy to insomnia, anxiety

2. Sleeping position: supine

3. Eat too much before going to bed

4. Get excited or do strenuous exercise
before going to bed

5. Pathological REM sleep

The cause of this disease is still unclear,
with abnormal sleep tendencies as the main characteristics, such as excessive
daytime sleepiness, restless sleep at night, sudden sleep or sudden falls
several times during the day and can not control themselves, hallucinations
between half dream and half wake. This kind of disease mostly starts in the childhood
or the youth time, some patients have the encephalitis or the brain trauma


How should encounter sleep paralysis to do?

If you feel that you are suddenly crushed
and fall into sleep paralysis, you should first restore muscle tension – first,
quickly rotate the eyeball, let the eyeball do circular movement, then blink
and contract the muscles around the mouth, and then move the tongue. When these
activities are completed, you can slowly move your neck, hands, legs, etc. when
the confinement is completely lifted, you can sit up and open all muscles.

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