What do you know that most people don’t?

1.  Once you sleep, you die
Imagine that you are tired after a whole day’s work, and all you want is a warm blanket and a comfortable mattress that will make you lost in the kingdom of dreams.
You lie down with your eyes closed, breathing gently and quietly, smiling gently and comfortably. You are slowly relaxing at the same time, all of a sudden, you are suddenly woken up by your body. You start panting, and then you’re told. Say, “once you sleep, you die!”

In fact, this is a rare respiratory disease, leading to sleep apnea or apnea during sleep. It can be congenital or postnatal, that is, it has existed since birth.

2.  Some facts in Indian History
☆India has never invaded any country in the past 100000 years.
☆ Chess was invented in India.
☆The study of algebra, trigonometry and calculus originated in India.
☆India has the largest number of post offices in the world.
☆The world’s tallest cricket court is in chail, Himachal Pradesh. The cricket court was built in 1893 at an altitude of 2444 meters.

☆India has 300000 active mosques, more than any other country, including Muslims

3.  When you sleep, your brain starts to work
☆Play the gatekeeper: if you work all day, you may have accumulated things in your brain. When you sleep, your brain tries to get rid of these things. It actually shrinks what it has and makes the process more efficient.
☆Consolidate memory: as you sleep, your brain records all these short-term memories, picks out more important ones, and converts them into long-term memories in a process called memory transcription.
☆Monitor your external senses to stay alert: let me tell you something cool. You close your eyes and rub your eyelids with your fingers. Now you seem to see light, right? That’s because the cells in your eyes are very sensitive, because they can          trigger their own functions through physical touch.

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