What fascinating things can you share with us?

Brian Doyle once wrote in a magazine, “the laws
of nature in my children’s eyes.”.

☆If you shake hands with an evergreen tree
and the branch bites you, it’s a spruce.

☆Insects rule the world, but they don’t say.

☆The reason why the ocean is salty is that
all animals have been urinating in it for a long time.

☆The best way to eat worms is to let another
child eat them.

☆A shrew is like a mouse with a bad temper.

☆Anyone who thinks people are cooler than
animals should remember that many animals can eat people.

☆The reason why Bush and coniferous crows
always quarrel is that they love each other.

☆The way to distinguish mammals from
amphibians is nasal mucus.

☆Mom said camping is a way to see God up
close, but God loves us and wants us to bathe and sleep in bed every day.

☆Plants are smart because they can absorb
sunlight, and we can’t.

☆Dad said that even though whales have
language and songs, people still kill whales for money.

☆If you find poop in the woods, and it’s a
small ball, it’s a rabbit. If the ball is bigger, it’s deer or elk. If they’re
really big, you should go home.

☆Dad said that the role of evolution is to
make us less violent and make animals more tolerant.

☆The more money you have, the less attention you pay to plants and birds.

☆If you can’t make a new ant, don’t kill an
old one.

☆If you’re really upset, go for a walk and
you’ll feel better in about an hour.

Children’s thinking is different from that
of adults. If you read them carefully, you will find interesting things that we
can’t observe. Their careless words also contain a lot of philosophy.

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