What innocent-seeming picture is actually heartbreaking?

1.A photo taken by a photographer in India
shows a female monkey crying with her unconscious little monkey after the
natural disaster

2. Old
granny need to walk on crutches, but in order to live, has been bent back to
carry more than their own firewood

If there is no classroom, we should find a
wall as a school. We must study hard to get out of poverty

Abandoned pet dog, still follow the
agreement with the owner, waiting for her here, regardless of wind or rain, if
you want to abandon it, please do not give it an agreement, it will take it

Great soldier!

unknown Spiderman always gives food to the homeless at night, telling everyone
that everyone can be a hero.

7. The donkey, rescued from the Irish flood,
grinned as he came ashore.

8. A
garbage collector will take a rag to wipe the garbage cans and bus stop signs
along the road every day And clean up the cigarette butts and other garbage on
the ground.

9. Even without hands, I can still hug you.

boy dives into a torrent to save a drowning fawn.

Life is hard, but don’t forget to smile.

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