What is a split-second decision you made that changed your life?

This story happened to my cousin. For the convenience
of narration, I will tell it in the first person.

When I first got together with my boyfriend, I was
hesitant, the only reason was that I was not sure if I had that feeling for
him. The tangle at that time led me to regret my promise within four days. I
regretted that I agreed without careful consideration. He ran to the bus stop
next to his house and told him to get down. He said that he didn’t know if he
had any feeling. He had to leave. He said that he had a premonition. I told him
to come down to talk about it. I hope I can think it over. If it is an impulse
to agree, then don’t leave on impulse.

I didn’t feel relieved at all on the bus back home.
When I had a morning meeting at work the next day, I felt very sad to be
separated from him. I also secretly wiped tears behind my colleagues. But also
stubbornly do not want to force together, because there is no heartbeat
feeling. After more than ten days of delay, I decided to give myself another
chance, because he would really regret if he missed his intuition.

Although it’s a formal boyfriend and girlfriend, but
I’m not used to holding hands with him. If he leads me, I’ll let him lead, but
I won’t take the initiative to touch him. In fact, he was very careful. He
could understand my feelings about him, but he didn’t say anything. We still
met as before, had dinner and chatted. For a week, both of us were very busy at
work, and we didn’t have much time to meet. We basically contacted each other
by Skype.


Then one day, we finally had a hard time to rest
together. On the way back to the bus station after dinner, he walked in front
of me with his hands in his pockets, looking worried. I thought that although I’m not a
passionate person ,I still like him in these days. Maybe I don’t like him so
much, but if it goes on like this, I may become very fond of him, so I will
take the initiative.

I wanted to hold hands, but his hands were in his
pocket. I jumped up to him and held his arm. He was stunned for a moment. Then
he took out his hand and held me in surprise. After that, it seems to be in
love smoothly.


Later, he said that he felt that I didn’t like him at
that time. He had already written a letter of separation for a long time. He
was not willing to send it out in the draft box and was waiting for even a
trace of my response. If I hadn’t taken the initiative to make him go home that
night and delete the letter, I might have received it in the next few days.


I’m very glad that I made this decision that day,
otherwise I would miss someone who really loves me. Maybe you don’t think it’s
much, but for me, it really changed my life, because now we are married.

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