What is some dating advice for men?

1: Audition

According to their own characteristics,
women’s requirements, first have a more clear positioning. Then through various
network channels, pay attention to the girls who meet the requirements.

2: primary election

After chatting up for two or three times,
put aside the women who don’t pay much attention to us or like to argue with
us. In fact, online chatting is almost the same as in real life. People with
similar values will get along with each other for the first time, and then pull
these women into the relationship of good friends. The primary is about 10.

3: Select

Among these 10 friends, select 2 women who
are closest to our values, look your favorite, and most agree with our
thoughts, and take her into a confidant state.

4: selection

Among the two confidants, the one who
chooses to interact with us with ambiguity has a good effect and is willing to
invest time and energy for us to develop into a lover relationship.

In the process of love, we must follow the
principle that let the women who have a good feeling for us prefer us, let the
women who hate us leave. You can only let the person who loves you love you
more, can not let the person who hates you love you.

In the process of love, it is also a very
important skill to learn to choose and to give up. After all, everyone has
limited time and energy, and don’t tangle with women who are too far away from
our values.

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