What is something about human psychology that almost nobody knows?

Having certain psychological knowledge can not only help to get along with oneself and others, but also can use them to analyze the reasons behind social phenomena and personal temperament. In order to help themselves in the face of a rapidly changing world, can have intelligent judgment.

window effect

Psychology calls a phenomenon “broken window
effect”: if a house’s window is broken and no one mends it, soon, other
windows will be broken for no reason; if some graffiti appears on one wall, it
will soon be covered with messy and ugly things.

Like a clean place, people are embarrassed
to throw rubbish. If there is garbage on the ground, people will not hesitate
to throw it away, without any shame. This is a strange phenomenon.
Psychologists study this “tipping point”.

How bad the situation is, people will
abandon themselves and let it go to the end. Any bad thing, if not stopped in
time at the beginning, will be difficult to change after the formation of the
atmosphere. Just like a river bank, if a small gap is not repaired in time, the
dam can collapse and cause millions of times of damage.


Learned helplessness has been widely
discussed in animal and human studies. Experiments have shown that trained dogs
can cross barriers to escape electric shocks from experimenters. If a dog has
been subjected to an unexpected and uncontrollable electric shock (e.g. the
interruption of the shock is not dependent on the behavior of the dog), it becomes
unable to escape even if it has a chance to escape.

It also showed depression and depression,
decreased initiative and so on. That’s because they were attacked by
helplessness in the experiment. Recognizing that there is no way to control the
termination of the shock, the dog will realize that it cannot change the
external control and feel helpless.

If people encounter learned helplessness,
they will develop into deep despair and sadness. Therefore, in our study and
life, we should open our eyes and look at the real decisive factors objectively
to avoid falling into despair. Also know your learned helplessness, do not
limit yourself with experience.

horse ending

There is a kind of blood sucking bat on the
African grassland. It often bites on the legs of wild horses to suck blood.
Many wild horses will die after being sucked by them. Zoologists say bats suck
little blood and are far from lethal. The real cause of death of these wild
horses is rage and galloping.

Wild horse’s violent emotional reaction
after being sucked is the direct cause of death. Blood sucking bats are just
external challenges to wild horses. Because of small things and furious, is to
punish themselves with other people’s mistakes. Like this kind of wild horse,
it will cause harm to itself.

People who know how to manage emotions are
wise and take a big step ahead of those who easily lose control of their
emotions. When things go wrong, it’s always right to choose to be calm.


French writer La Fontaine wrote this fable:
the north wind and the south wind are more powerful than each other to see who
can take off the overcoat on the pedestrians. The north wind tried its best to
blow off the clothes of pedestrians. As a result, pedestrians wrapped their
coats more tightly to keep out the cold.

And the south wind blowing slowly, so that
the weather warm up, because pedestrians feel warm, have to take off their
coats. The south wind won the game. This is the “south wind effect”,
which shows the relationship between people. Once the method is wrong, it is

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