What is something that most people don’t know?

cavity is the first digestive organ after eating. But most people don’t know
much about it.

Oral saliva contains a digestive amylase,
which can turn starch in food into maltose. People eat white rice or steamed
buns, the sweeter they chew. That’s why. The finer you chew, the more fully the
digestive function of saliva will play. The food will become fine, soft and
moist, easy to swallow, and conducive to further digestion and absorption of
the gastrointestinal tract.

Don’t underestimate saliva. It contains
more than ten kinds of active enzymes, vitamins, hormones, minerals,
immunoglobulins, etc. Besides digestion, it also has the functions of
sterilization, detoxification and cancer prevention. Enter the stomach, but
also neutralize gastric acid.

In modern society, people live in a fast
pace, even eating has a fast food restaurant. Busy people eat in order to save
time. Food is swallowed if it is not chewed sufficiently. The digestive
function of the mouth is not played. When entering the stomach bag, it will
aggravate the workload of the stomach. For a long time, the stomach will be
damaged due to excessive load, and suffer from indigestion, gastritis, gastric
ulcer and other diseases. The experiment shows that the finer the food is
chewed, the higher the nutrition absorption. The same food, let one bite two to
swallow, the other chew slowly, finally check the two people’s feces. The
absorption rate of protein and fat in the latter was 12% higher than that of
the former.

ating fast can also lead to obesity. In
life, fat people tend to have shorter meals, that is, they eat faster. The
scientific explanation is that after food enters the human body, blood sugar
rises, and when it reaches a certain level, the appetite center of the brain
will give instructions to stop eating. For those who chew and swallow slowly,
this instruction will be given at the right time to avoid more eating;

People who eat fast, before the brain
appetite center has time to give instructions, has entered the excessive food,
over time, how can we not be fat? There is also a psychological reason: if you
eat slowly and take a long time, you will feel that you have eaten a lot for a
long time; on the contrary, if you eat fast, you will always feel that you have
not eaten enough, so you will continue to eat.

In addition, more chewing can promote
facial muscle movement, make the facial shape full and healthy. It has a
cosmetic effect. Saliva has a parotid hormone, chewing can promote its secretion,
sufficient parotid hormone, blood vessels and skin to maintain elasticity and
vitality, let people look young. Regular chewing can also activate the cerebral
cortex, which can prevent brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease. Chewing is of
great significance to oral hygiene and health. It can exercise teeth, reduce
bacterial reproduction and prevent many dental diseases.

Saliva can prevent cancer is another
discovery of modern medical research. Many kinds of enzymes in saliva can
inhibit some carcinogenic toxins, such as aflatoxin and nitrosamine. One
experiment is like this: put the burnt smoked meat containing carcinogens into
the test tube, then add human saliva into it, mix and soak for a certain time,
and finally repeatedly stir for 5 minutes to take out the test. As a result,
80% of the carcinogen in the meat has been destroyed!


So we should pay more attention and
attention to it when eating daily or keeping our mouth clean.

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