What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you?

In the film “the beautiful legend of Sicily”, the beauty and sex appeal of Malena make all the men in the town want to possess her. Because of this, all women hate her.

After World War II, the news of the sacrifice of her husband came. The women seemed to have caught the opportunity to rush into her house, and dragged her hair hard with all her strength, and dragged her on the rough steps and the ground. They could not help but use all their strength to trample on her face, arms, chest and even private places.

They tore up her clothes, cut off her hair, ravaged her body, humiliated her with such foul language as sluts and bitches, “I knew she was a prostitute!”

(We’ll see if you can seduce our men)

Did she do anything wrong? Her only fault was that she was too beautiful. Because she is beautiful, she becomes a whore who seduces men.

What annoys me is the group of women who beat Malina. They lose the grace and gentleness of women and beat a woman just because they are jealous of her beauty and think Malina has seduced their husband.

 (So she was accused of “too beautiful” and attracted the envy of women)

So there is really a man who simply vent her anger on a beautiful woman without first questioning whether the man has done something wrong.
This kind of woman who makes crazy things because of jealousy has similar performance in many movies, which makes people feel really terrible.
If they are really resentful, shouldn’t they find their husband’s fault first?

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