What is the best mindset to have before going into a relationship?

1. Love is only one thing to experience in life, not the whole of life. 
The life partner, is needs two people to work together to appreciate each other to move toward the palace of marriage; after having the work, we will find that many things need us to work hard to complete, sometimes even if we try hard, we will not necessarily have good results. Love is just a part of life, just a thing to do when you are young. Everyone has to face it. There is no fear. Success and failure are normal.
2. Love is to meet and know a man, not to marry a man.
Love and marriage are two stages of different nature of the problem. The main purpose of love is the process of contact, understanding, screening, elimination and choice; it is not always possible to get married.
Girls get to know a man’s temper, disposition and attitude by contacting with him, find out the advantages and disadvantages of a man through communication, and then decide whether it is suitable for you or not, instead of making a lifelong decision on contact.
Therefore, girls should contact with several boys before they fall in love, understand, analyze and compare which boy is more suitable for them, or which one you can accept better; for those who are not suitable for themselves, don’t have in-depth contact. 
During the period of love, we must not devote ourselves to the whole emotion, and we can not treat the men who are in contact with each other with the mentality of sharing the whole life. Otherwise, once the love happens, it will hurt the women.
3. Be good at consulting the opinions of people around you.
Girls need to find what kind of man, and can talk with the surrounding girls and even women, they will find that there are many biases in their own views.

Women in love can let their colleagues, classmates or parents to help reference. We must not insist on our own way. This is the reason for the lovelorn and even the tragedy of life of many lonely women. Suggestions from family and friends still need to be heard.

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