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It’s heartbreaking for anyone to see their
loved ones leave the world, but they can’t do anything about it. Damien, from Hampshire,
England, who died of cancer this time last year, saw his grandmother, uncle and
friends die of cancer. This left a deep shadow on Damien.


Near the first anniversary of his mother’s
death, danien had nightmares about his wife and daughter dying of cancer, too.
The feeling of powerlessness in her dream scares Damien again and again. He has
no way to deal with cancer, but he still wants to do something to show his
determination to protect his family.

October is the “breast cancer
prevention and control month” to improve people’s awareness of breast
cancer. And his mother died of breast cancer, and after consulting with his
family, Damien planned to have a bold bra tattoo on her chest.

At the same time, this seemingly vicious
behavior aims to raise people’s awareness of breast cancer. Accompanied by his
family, the tattooist carefully tattooed Damien’s chest with a black bra. The
bra is decorated with flowers, branches and leaves, and a pink ribbon on one
side. Pink ribbon is a recognized symbol of global breast cancer prevention and
control activities, which is used to promote breast cancer.

From the father’s smile, we can see that he
is very satisfied with the tattoo. Then Damien made a little wish that he would
have another half tattooed by October next year. I just want to make a complete
pair of bras for myself.

No matter whether the final goal can be
achieved or not, the ultimate goal is to let more people pay attention to
breast cancer and spend more time with their families.

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