What is the best way to choose life partner?

Psychologists believe that the following 10 factors should be considered to judge whether a man or a woman is the most suitable life partner.
First, each other is each other’s good friend, does not take any condition, likes to be together with each other.
Second, it is easy to communicate with each other, and they can confess anything openly without fear of being suspected or despised by the other party.
Third, they share common ideas and values in mind, and have a clear understanding and pursuit of these concepts.
Fourth, both sides believe that marriage is a lifetime thing, and both sides are firmly willing to commit themselves to this long-term marriage relationship.
Fifthly, when there are different opinions or disputes, we can solve them together instead of waiting for them to attack later.
Sixth, get along with each other funny, often have laughter, in many aspects of life will be treated with humor.
Seventh, they know each other very well and accept each other. When they know their own advantages and disadvantages, they are still sure to be accepted by them.
Eighth, get support from those who know you best and trust the most.
Ninth, sometimes there will be romantic feelings, but most of the time, you are very satisfied and free.
Tenth, there is a very rational and mature Association, and both sides can feel that you are well matched on many different levels.
The most common form of love is the capture and pursuit between the sexes. Good feeling among people can convey powerful power to each other, so as to make up for the deficiency of objective conditions. It’s similarity, not complementarity, that brings people together.
If you want to know whether a person loves you or not, it depends on whether he is energetic and happy with you. If there is, it is love, on the contrary, it is not. 

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