What is the biggest lesson that life has taught you?

Parents are harder than you
When I was a kid, I thought money grew out of trees. I was angry when my parents didn’t buy me my favorite toys. As time went on, I realized they had done their best. I overestimated my family’s financial situation, and in the process I became very disappointed. Later, I took part in the work myself, and now I am trying to cut down expenses and start to save some money. Then I realize how difficult it is to make money.
Time is the most precious commodity
Everything in the past, good or bad, is the past. Time will never come again.
No matter how much money you make now, you can’t go back to the past, make up for your regrets, and do what you wanted to do but didn’t do.
If something happened in the past because of your experience, you can’t go back to make up for it. Try to put it down and let it go. Because time can’t go back, nothing can be done again.
Learn to accept your current body
Keep healthy and don’t be obsessed with weight loss or external things. As time goes on, you’ll find ways to make yourself most comfortable.

No matter what state you are in, don’t complain about your body or your face to your friends. Even if you don’t think everything is perfect, please accept it.

Everyone needs to have a hobby
How precious life is, you need to find something that you really love and can burst into your passion for life. Those things that you like, or let you find the real joy of life, let you get relaxed, calm mind.
Don’t waste your time complaining about everything outside and staring at your partner’s children. You deserve to spend some time for yourself, and then your world will be lightened again.
There is no real perfect thing
Many of us are in pursuit of “perfect” things. We pursue perfect love, long for perfect life, and expect ourselves to be perfect ourselves.
But the truth is: there is no perfect thing. If you want perfection, you are against the whole world and yourself.
Your girlfriend is not perfect. It’s true in your work, even in this planet. The sky can not always be clear, and life is not a comfortable boat.

As you get older,
Each and every one of us will take care of our lives
All dimensions of life
There are different perceptions and ideas.
But life is short. Learn to accept life.

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