What is the brutal truth about life after marriage?

Many people will
advise you to get married, but no one will tell you the brutal truth after

1.   It’s very sweet to just get
married, but the endless housework and daily chores are cruel.

2.   After marriage, there will be
no freedom. You can’t go out drinking and dancing with good friends and
heterosexual friends just like when you are single.

3.   With common property, if your
spouse is not generous, you will be in financial distress. Whatever you buy,
you should consider your spouse’s thoughts.

4.   During pregnancy is actually
very hard, your body will become fat, no longer slim and light, the body shape
will change a lot.

5.   After the baby is born, you
have to take up the responsibility of raising the child. Most of the time, you
are happy to have a child. This is the angel sent to us by God. But you have to
admit that you will be imprisoned at home by the child. Although        you are very
tired, the cry of the child will break your heart.

When he grows up, you
will continue to worry about his study, growth, love and so on. When you can
finally breathe a sigh of relief, your life will soon be over.

6.    It’s not all sweet between you
and your spouse, and there’s going to be arguments. Now, if there’s domestic
violence, listen, honey, you can’t forgive it.

7.    Maybe your position in your
partner’s heart is not so important, after all, his life has his own work,
interests, games.

8.    After marriage, you should pay
attention to whether your spouse is tired of yourself in life and go to a third
party. How many failed marriages are due to the disappearance of love between
each other.

9.    But the cruelest thing after
marriage should be that two people love each other for a lifetime. The one we
are used to and the one we depend on deeply have to leave us because of force

The only thing left
for the living is loss, loneliness, helplessness and regret.

But even if there are
more cruel truth, love and marriage will still be the beautiful things we are
willing to pursue in our life.

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