What is the easiest psychological trick you can play on someone?

Everyone’s psychology is unique and interlinked, because we are all human beings. Psychologists are constantly finding common points in our psychology, which are rooted in our genes and can be applied to everyone.
Here are some useful psychological tips that might make your life easier in a way.
1. Psychological hint of nodding
If you want people to agree with you, nod as you speak. “Nodding” will give the other party a psychological hint: it means “what I said is true”. This will increase the persuasiveness of your point of view.
2. Psychological suggestion of sight
Have you ever thought about how to get through the crowd. In fact, it’s very simple, as long as you look in the direction you want to go, you will find that the crowd opposite will make way for you. 
The psychological hint is easy to explain: in crowded places, we tend to look people in the eye so that we know which direction someone is going. So your implementation will send them a lot of information.
3. Selective psychological suggestion
If you want to drink coke, you should say to your partner, “do we drink original or chocolate?” In this way, usually your partner will be prompted to choose one of them rather than say, “let’s have coffee.”.
4. Hinting
If you feel like someone is looking at you, you can’t find the source of your sight. Try yawning. If someone really looks at you again, they will yawn, because yawning is highly contagious.
5. Repeated psychological suggestion
No matter what your friend just said, please repeat it and say it again. The person you are talking to will subconsciously feel that you are a very good listener.
6. Guilt psychological suggestion
If you want someone to help you, start your conversation with “I need your help.” this will increase guilt in the other person. People hate feeling guilty, so you’re much more likely to get help.
7. Behavioral psychological suggestion

If you find someone doesn’t like you, ask him a small favor. If he helps you, he will greatly improve his good impression on you. Because he has recognized you from the behavior, so gradually affect their psychology. We always like the people we have helped. Do you think about it?

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