What is the meaning of “true love”?

For some time, I was very depressed. I lost my temper, hurt myself and threw things every day. Once I threw my house into a mess and wanted to quarrel with him. Later, I was so tired that I almost fell asleep, but I heard him cooking in the kitchen. He made a big table of my favorite dishes and said, “get up and eat quickly. When you are full, you have the strength to scold me.”. This moment, I shed tears again. 
At that time, I was thinking that this might be my true love. He could endure my worst and weakest side, but he still chose to love me. I confirmed that he was my soul mate.

For some reason, we didn’t have a wedding ceremony when we got married. Later, on the day our daughter was born, he bought a ring and proposed to me again. He gave me a wedding that I will never forget.

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