What is the most deceptive image that you’ve ever seen?

Pill, from the UK, certainly didn’t expect
that his “trash” could be worth so much money. Hill, 38, is in the
real estate industry and has a hobby of painting. One day, he and his son were
at home, doodling a picture of their own dog.

When pill looked at his son’s works, he
felt that the painting was not very good, but he was inexplicably lovely and
had an unexpected sense of achievement. So he hung up the work with his son and
joked that 299 pounds was a great work.


Originally, I just wanted to share my work
with you, but many people wanted to buy this painting. Maybe it was because the
painting brought fun to boring people during the epidemic. Since so many people
wanted to buy a pig, they started their own creation and decided to donate all
their money to charity organizations to help homeless people.

Pit’s painting is not like it, but it’s a
bit like a spirit, but it’s also very abstract. But it is this style that makes
more and more people like his paintings.

Soon Hill raised 5000 pounds for charity.
Of course, the only joker in the first one is 299 pounds. The rest are not so
expensive. Symbolic money can also be used for charity.

Some people may think that this is not a very difficult thing, but in the process of drawing, pill not only makes himself happy, but also keeps his son’s interest in painting, and at the same time, he makes use of the money he earns to do charity, which is really great. So would you like to buy one of those lovely paintings.

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