What is the most embarrassing thing you encounter in the process of online chat?

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I am a very ordinary staff occupation,
usually the work is very boring. Because I live alone and have no friends, I
like to watch live broadcast on my mobile phone after work. The interaction of
live broadcast is relatively strong. It will let me know a lot of strangers on
the Internet, which will make me less lonely in spirit. About a month ago, I
ran into the anchor room of a blonde anchor on a dating app. She’s exactly my

I began to wait for her to appear in the
studio every day. When she was broadcasting, many people, including me, would
leave messages to her. Maybe she was too busy. She never replied to my news. So
I started to try to send messages to her personal account, and slowly she began
to reply to me. I’m glad we’re starting to make progress.

I usually pay attention to your blog and
read some articles about chat skills “what is some dating for men?”,
which have played a great role in my chat with her. After a month of chatting,
I was more sure that I fell in love with her. I was crazy about meeting her, so
I asked if she could have a video chat with me alone, and she agreed.

The whole process of the video was very
enjoyable. In this private chat space, we did some things that intimate lovers
would do. Everything went so well until he took off his underwear. Yes, you
read “he”!! Not “she”!!! My God, I was shocked at that
time, and I have been chatting with a transvestite man, and he likes men. At
this time, I realized that I had been cheated. I was so disappointed that I
thought I had found a girl suitable for me, but she turned out to be a man.

But he still often sends messages to me,
and I try to reply him slowly. Maybe as a friend, I can accept him slowly. Am I
doing this right?

This is a fan’s contribution to me. He
doesn’t like men, but he’s starting to reply slowly. He’s wondering whether he
will be assimilated and become like men. What do you think he should do? If you
have any good suggestions, please leave a message in the comments area. Thank

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