What is the most emotional picture you’ve ever seen?

Between parents and child
There will always be a few moments
It makes your eyes wet

This is the inborn affection

The cashier’s mother was busy working, and her child was sleeping under the cashier’s desk at her feet, waiting for her mother to leave work.

Because of the sudden cerebral hemorrhage, her daughter became a vegetable, and doctors said it was difficult to wake up, but the mother insisted on six operations for 258 days, and finally awakened the vegetative daughter.

My son was paralyzed in bed for many years because of an accident. My mother had already had white hair. She still pushed her son out in a wheelchair every day to have a look.

by his parents, he came to the Red Cross and signed an organ donation. After going out, he wiped his father’s tears.

As rescuers dug out the mother and son from the rubble, the mother held the child tightly under her body.
At the age of five, the boy was seriously ill and difficult to treat. Accompanied 

His father was a soldier and had been stationed in a war zone far from home. It was nine months since the child first met his father.

The so-called parents and children
a, just means that you and his fate is this life, constantly watching his back
gradually away. You stand at this end of the path, watching him gradually
disappear in the corner of the path, and he told you silently with his back: no
need to chase.

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