What is the most frightening thing that’s ever been discovered by archaeologists?

1. Swamp mummy
The remains of a well preserved 25-year-old man facing the swamp were accidentally found by peat Diggers in the Lindo moss swamp in northwest England.
Archaeologists examined the body and found that the healthy man had two injuries to his head and a third to his back.
The rope around his neck may have been used to strangle him, break his neck, and finally cut his throat to ensure his death.

Some scientists suspect it was a ritual killing, possibly a human victim of the Druid sacrifice.

2. The bloody victim of teotivakan
In 2004, archaeologists unearthed a site in the outskirts of Mexico and found a terrifying scene.
The beheaded bodies were stacked on one side of the tomb, and the dead’s hands were tied behind him.
This discovery reveals the little-known culture of bloody sacrifice in the construction of the moon pyramid in teotihuakan.
Archaeologists also found two other bodies with beads and precious stones, as well as animals and other offerings.
Archaeologists at Aichi Prefecture University in Japan point out whether the victims and animals were killed at the site or nearby.
This foundation ritual must be one of the most brutal acts in the archaeological records of Central America.

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