What is the smallest thing a person ever did for you that impacted your life?

One of the little things that influenced my life came from a stranger. She is a Chinese granny who makes fried noodles.
When I was 13, my parents had another child and I had a younger brother. This is actually a little difficult for me to accept. Before my younger brother was born, my parents only doted on one person. Now a newborn has separated their half of their concern for me.
One night, I was once again left out of the cold with my parents and chose to leave home. Walking on the street in winter, I cried very sad, thinking that they should not love me, and then the more I wanted to, the more sad I was sitting at the door of a Chinese restaurant crying and decided not to go home again.
When I was crying sad, an old woman asked me why I was crying here. I told her the reason why I ran away from home. The old lady didn’t say anything and asked me if I wanted to go in for a bowl of noodles. I was really hungry before dinner. In the Chinese restaurant, my grandmother has been comforting me after listening to my story. I feel that a kind old man is very warm on this cold night. When the delicious fried noodles were served, my grandmother touched my head and told me to eat first. My tears fell again. I feel very aggrieved, why a stranger would be so good to me and my parents are so indifferent to me.
After dinner, I still don’t want to go home. My grandmother touched my head and said, “honey, I just gave you a bowl of noodles when you were hungry. Why did your parents give you life and take care of you? Because they have a son, you have to leave home? I give you a bowl of noodles, you need to pay me, but the love they give you is selfless.
I suddenly understood the meaning of the old woman, although had a brother, but the love of my parents to me is no change. When I was 13 years old, an old woman taught me to be grateful, not only for the strangers who helped you when you were in trouble, but also for the parents who gave you life. No matter how many children they have, their love is the same.

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