What is the smartest thing you’ve seen a child do?

My colleague told me this story. Her son is so clever. For the convenience of watching, I will narrate it in the first person.
When my son was more than 10 months old, he would play with me and bite my nipples when he was breast fed. I was bitten urgently once. I cried out. It hurt so much that my tears came out. I was angry and didn’t want to pay attention to him. I turned my back and my son patted me behind my back. 
Later, my husband told me that my son saw that I didn’t pay attention to him, so he turned around and climbed to the bedside table, patted the drawer on the bedside table with his hand, and babbled at my husband. Then my husband went to help him open the drawer, and the little guy turned out several pieces of band aid. My husband and I are very surprised, did not expect that only 10 months old baby can do this.
Later, I thought that it might be the day before, my feet were worn by shoes, and then I took a band aid on the bedside table. The baby may have remembered my reaction and handling method, which really moved me.

Don’t look down on children because they are young. Sometimes the intelligence of children will definitely shock you.

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