What is your one piece of advice for having a successful lasting relationship?

Keep a loyal heart

How to make love longer? Nowadays, young people are very
open-minded and think that it is not necessary to be responsible for the other
half in the stage of love. In fact, such a way of thinking is particularly
dangerous, real love is single-minded. If you keep this attitude to love, you
can only say that there is no love between you, sooner or later you will break

Don’t lie and trust

In the stage of love, we must pay attention to the following two
points: first, never lie to the other party. Once there is a precedent of
lying, the other party will not believe you in any case. The second point is to
maintain absolute trust. Don’t doubt your lover casually, especially don’t
believe the words of a third party, and get angry with the lover. In this way, it’s
easy to have irreparable cracks in your relationship.

Keep two people apart

Don’t stick too much together, even if you miss her very much.
Don’t wait for her downstairs every day, send her a lot of information every
day, don’t call her every day. You have to understand that everyone has their
own space, their own life, you also have their own life, do not need to go
around her. If you do this all the time, she will easily get tired of you, and
you will feel tired yourself.

Love yourself

First of all, you should learn to take good care of yourself and
know what is good for you, so that you can easily think from the perspective of
lovers in the future love. If you can’t even love yourself, how can you love
others better?

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